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Kellner’s Window Decorators

The Story
by Kathy Neff

Kellner’s has been a family owned business since it was started by Bill Kellner in 1955. Through the years, the products they offer have evolved as the trends changed, but the basic premise of serving the needs of the public, and giving more than necessary, with a high degree of integrity, has always been the focus.
Bill’s daughter, Kathy, bought the business in 1992, after working beside her dad for 25 years, and now her son, Hans, is installing for the business. Together they continue to provide service beyond the ability of a dept. or discount store.
Long years of connection with the same suppliers has advantages when it comes to favors and pricing. Occasionally, someone needs an item quickly, and having a history of always paying on time, and consistently ordering from the same sources, allows Kellner’s to get RUSH service when it’s really necessary. Receiving the best discount on an item is accomplished by loyalty to one firm, rather than jumping, month to month, from one source to another, and never building a relationship with any of them. Many times, the discount operations will jump to the lowest offer each month, spending more time figuring their cost than they do giving their customers the best service. It may mean more dollars in their pocket, but it doesn’t necessarily mean less dollars out of the customers pocket. And down the road, problems are harder to correct, because no supplier considers them to be worth some extra time and money. Kellner’s personally stands behind every product they sell, and deals with suppliers who will stand behind them.
Today, Kathy’s main focus is to provide treatments that are functional for the needs of clientele, and to create comfortable surroundings in your home. Listening to the needs of the individual is probably what she does best. Helping you feel secure in your choice is next.
Kellner’s offers a full selection of window treatments, including vertical blinds, mini blinds, soft pleat shades, and wood blinds or shutters. Also, fabric treatments from sheers to elegantly trimmed cascades and jabots, and furniture treatments including slipcovers, upholstery, cornices, comforters with shams, and bedspreads. Even with a limited budget, you can find help creating the room you’ve dreamed of, and manage the sun and your privacy at the same time.
Custom treatments are their specialty, and they find solutions to problem windows very well. Bring them your dilemma, and let Kellner’s find your solution. Click to visit the Kellner's Window Decorators website Click here to take a peek at Waverly's fabulous products
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