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The economic strength of our community determines our ability to support our families and provide future employment for our children. The strength of the economic base influences the tax burden on the residential taxpayer and the ability to pay for public services. The diversity of the economic base determines the availability of services and influences a community's responses to economic recessions and changes.

An active economic development program looks at economic trends and a changing economic environment, identifies economic development issues, defines priorities and policies and carries out programs that influence land use patterns and encourage development to create a stronger economic base.

Vernon has an Economic Development Commission to identify economic issues important the town and recommend policies. There is a Director of Community & Economic Development to assist businesses and developers with site selection, planning, zoning and marketing.

The staff of the Engineering, Planning, Fire and Building Departments are available to discuss development proposals. A project review session of the development staff is held on the first Wednesday of each month to review proposed projects before being submitted to commissions for approval.

Vernon lies on the edge of the greater Hartford area of urbanization and offers the advantages of an urban infrastructure and availability of undeveloped land. Land along the Interstate 84 corridor has been zoned and subdivided for industrial and office development. Vernon's infrastructure includes electricity provided by Connecticut Light & Power, a division of Northeast Utilities, gas by Yankee Gas, telephone by Southern New England Telephone, water by Connecticut Water Company and sewerage by Vernon Water Pollution Control Authority.

Industrial and commercial properties with the potential to meet a wide variety of development needs are available throughout Vernon. In addition to approved sites being marketed now, more land along the Interstate 84 corridor is being rezoned for future business park development. The Town of Vernon recognizes the long-term advantages of quality nonresidential development and will consider tax abatements, incentives and cooperative agreements for the construction and financing of infrastructure development.

The Vernon Zoning Regulations have provisions for a Special Economic Development District and a Floating Industrial Park District. Amendment of the Zoning Regulations is possible when the regulations do not adequately address a special project or site. The Community & Economic Development Director will assist businesses and developers with site selection.

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