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Page Updated: 11/24/03

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The Town of Vernon currently Recycles the following:

Metal Cans and Glass. Wash. Place in recycling bin.

Plastics. Wash (no caps) Place in recycling bin. Only #1 and #2 plastics are accepted.

Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs. Tie securely with string or place in brown paper bag. Place on top of recycling bin.

Corregated Cardboard. Flatten & tie with string. Max. size 18" x 24" x 12". Place next to recycling bin.

Juice Boxes, Juice and Milk Cartons. Wash. Place in recycling bin.

Waste Oil & Antifreeze. Place in plastic container with screw-on cap. Tape shut. Do not mix. Max. 1 gallon size container. Place near recycling bin or bring to Hazardous Waste Center on designated days.

Nickel / Cadmium Batteries. Do NOT place in recycling bins! Return to Radio Shack, Car Phone Store in Vernon or bring to Hazardous Waste Center on designated days.

Leaves. Curbside pickup each fall. Do NOT bag leaves.

Scrap Metal, Propane Tanks (no valves),
Major Appliances, Building Materials, Tires, Furniture, Brush
. Bring to Town Transfer Station, Hockanum Blvd., Wednesday & Saturday 8am - 4pm; Sunday noon - 4pm. Permit needed - Call Dept. of Public Works at 870-3500 for more information.

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